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"Upon hearing her words, 'the Somme', Gordon looked at her with wide eyes. He realized that he had just begun to solve a piece of his personal puzzle. "Anna, can I ask you to translate something that might be French, or might be nonsense? Just humor me.""What do you want me to translate?""OK, if I say to you, Ill reposing sir le Somme, does it have any meaning?" After listening to his short phrase she replied, "Hmmm, yes. Your American accent aside, I think you are saying 'they rest on the Somme', in French." Later, as the train moved south, Gordon asked, "Anna, if your parents don't mind, I'd like to make a few more visits. I feel there is something in those fields back there, something hidden for me to find.""That's a strange thing to say, Gordon. Something hidden? Like what?""I don't know. But something.special.""
  • ISBN13: 9780595389940
  • Publisher: iUniverse
  • Pubilcation Year: 2006
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 00320
Publication DateNovember 13, 2006
Primary CategoryFiction/Historical - General

Severed Branch

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