The SHANY Professional 12-Piece Cosmetic Brush Set provides a complete assortment of brushes for makeup applications. Made from Vegan synthetic hair, the set includes 12 key brushes that are soft and silky to the touch. Synthetic hair brushes apply makeup evenly and are easy to clean. For convenient storage and portability, the brushes come with a handy organizer pouch. Quality and affordability has made this set globally well known. SHANY 12pc set is great for makeup beginners and whom do not want to break the bank for the flawless application. Unlike other brands, SHANY brushes come with illustrative instructions inside the box with name and descriptions of each brush. It will be easy to learn the makeup application with a set that everyone loves.
  • 12 piece vegan cosmetic brush set in pink.
  • Vegan bristles allow for sturdy brushes that don’t break or fall well after cleaning.
  • Variety of brushes is helpful for contour, highlighting, and sponging techniques.
  • Includes cute pink pouch for easy portability and travel needs.
  • Perfect gift for a makeup professional or a beauty beginner.
Health & Environmental PreferencesVegan

SHANY Pro Vegan Mineral brush set with pink clutch - Premium synthetic hair 12pc


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