If you need your vehicle work in both the summer months and the dead of winter, then you need to be sure that your antifreeze and coolant top-of-the-line. With Rotella Extended Life Pre-dilu Antifreeze/Engine Coolant, you can rest assured that you’ll be out there in the middle of the cold or heat, working at whatever pace you need when you need it. The look of our bottles may have changed, but it’s still the same great product you’ve come to know and trust. Rotella antifreeze is developed for all diesel engines to be able to work at in extreme temperatures with no worries of your engine failing to turn over. Not only that, but Rotella’s antifreeze will help to keep your engine cool when days are hot. No overheating worries here, the coolant will help make sure your engine can do its job without blowing its top. So, what else does this antifreeze do? Today’s modern engines demand effective heat transfer, freeze and boiling point protection, and corrosion protection for your cooling system. This coolant and antifreeze from Shell and Rotella will meet all of your vehicle’s needs and specifications. You’ll have protection against overheating and keep your engine’s heat level at all times. The corrosion protection will keep the different metals in your engine from developing detrimental rust and wear. You’ll even save time and money spent on constant maintenance thanks to our that prolongs the life of your seals, hoses, and other components. With antifreeze from Rotella, you won’t have to change your antifreeze several times per year to keep your vehicle protected—twice a year is all you’ll need. Our antifreeze comes premixed and ready to pour as 50/50 blend with diluted water, making it even easier to skip the shop and fix your cooling system yourself! Just search your problem, along with your vehicles make and model, watch and learn! About Rotella:
  • Premixed Antifreeze/Engine Coolant with no supplemental additives required
  • Shell Extended Life Coolant (ELC) and Antifreeze improves water pump seal life and protects wet sleeve cylinder liners

Shell Rotella ELC Extended Life 50/50 Antifreeze, 1 Gallon


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