Whether you???re driving across the country in a big rig, farming the land, working with extra-large machinery, riding your motorcycle, dirt bike, or ATV, or just caring for your own property, you need a diesel motor oil that will keep your truck, tractor, or bike in top condition no matter the conditions. With Rotella Synthetic Motor Oil, you not only have an oil that will protect the equipment you use, but will do so with the finest technology that Shell has developed. Rotella???s synthetic oil has gone through a chemical engineering process so that there are fewer impurities and better properties than in conventional motor oil. It has better performance in extremely high and low temperatures and generally formulated with high-performance additives. This means you won???t need to change your oil as often as with a conventional motor oil because your engine is being taken care of from the inside out. Shell Rotella T6 5W-40 Full Synthetic Oil also features an advanced, multi-functional low-ash additive technology in a synthetic base designed to provide highly responsive protection that continuously adapts to your driving conditions. If you???re driving to your job or just for recreation, the benefits of synthetic oil for your engine will keep it running smoothly for years. Shell knows you want the best fuel economy possible. Rotella???s synthetic oil offers enhanced fuel economy capability of 1.5%* that can save money in fuel consumption without compromising engine protection or durability. Not only that, but Rotella also works to improve protection against harmful engine wear. If the oxidation of your oil starts causing oil shearing, it???s resulting in a lower viscosity which could impact the ability of your oil to protect engine parts. No one wants to have to stop what they???re doing because their engine has broken down, or pay for a costly repair. With the help of online videos, learning to change your oil yourself has never been easier. Not only is skipping
  • Full synthetic oil with fewer impurities to keep your engine running more efficiently no matter the temperature outside
  • Improved wear performance and heat resistance for diesel engines
Dimensions2.6 x 4.2 x 9 inches

Shell Rotella T6 5W-40 Heavy Duty Engine Oil , 1 qt


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