Shimmer Song is the creation of San Francisco-based musician, composer and producer Peter Cole (that's me). Ever since I made my first drum set out of coffee cans when I was ten years old, I have loved to perform, compose and produce all styles of music: classical, punk, Latin, world music, rock, jazz, electronic, new age, experimental. I particularly enjoy combining these different styles to make something completely new. My interest in these different genres has influenced each piece of music that I create. For my Shimmer Song project, I focus mostly on instrumental, piano-based music that moves between neo classical, ambient soundscapes and World music - using both acoustic and electronic overtones. I also enjoy writing music for visuals (film, photography) and often visualize movement, scenes, characters and moods while I'm composing.'Release the Clouds' is a slight departure from the usual piano-focused Shimmer Song music. This CD combines soft piano with classical guitar to create a colorful mix of melodic and ambient soundscapes that blend classical, World music and electronica. I like to describe the music as earthy - not even sure what that means, but it sounds right! I wrote and recorded this over the summer and winter of 2011. I currently produce music for bands and artists in my own studio located in the San Francisco Bay Area, and I have composed music for small films, web and other multimedia projects. If you're in the San Francisco area, or want to collaborate online from anywhere in the world, let me know!
  • Shimmer Song - Release the Clouds [CD]

Release The Clouds [cd]

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