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The Sightmark PVS-14 Weapon Mount is a useful tool for the avid hunter. It is designed to to be used with the brand's night vision monocular and to provide the shooter with the versatility of adapting to light and dark shooting environments. This QD Sightmark mount can be pushed to the side and down when the shooter does not need the PVS-14 to engage targets in lit environments. This removes the PVS-14 from view of the optical weapon sight, but still makes it easily accessible when needed. The side-to-side mount attaches onto the PVS-14 objective lens lock ring, allowing the objective lens to rotate freely for focusing. This product is constructed from aluminum, making it highly durable and a vital accessory for any PVS-14 user.
  • Designed to be mounted to the PVS-14 night vision monocular
  • Constructed from aluminum

Sightmark PVS-14 STS QD Weapon Mount


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