For moderate and more severe symptoms: The Cotton 230 Series are part of the SIGVARIS MEDICAL collection and are designed to ensure correct fit and accurate compression.. SIGVARIS MEDICAL products fit various lifestyles and are best suited for those with chronic venous disorders, edema, stasis, skin changes, and for those who have had or will be having a vein procedure.
How does graduated compression therapy help with the management of venous problems?
As a person walks, the contraction and relaxation of the calf muscles around the veins aid in moving blood toward the heart. The external graduated compression of SIGVARIS socks and stockings act as a layer of muscle by gently squeezing the stretched vein walls together, allowing the valves to close. The cavity of the vein is reduced, thereby restoring blood flow to a normal state and aiding overall circulation.
By compressing the limb with graduated compression - strongest at the ankle and decreasing going u p the leg - the compression stocking helps the venous return, decreases venous pressure, prevents venous stasis, reduces edema and deterioration of venous walls, and relieves aching and heavy legs by aiding the body in moving blood up the leg against the pull of gravity.
To be most effective, the socks or stockings should be put on at the start of the day and removed before going to bed. Wearing SIGVARIS graduated compression is vital for the prevention and treatment of varicose veins and other circulatory problems.
The Swiss company SIGVARIS, 100% family-owned since it was founded, is the global market leader in the manufacture of medical compression garments and celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2014. With over 8 million pairs of stockings created in 2015, SIGVARIS has its headquarters in Switzerland and employs over 1,500 people. SIGVARIS pursues an international growth strategy on the solid foundation of more than 150 years of success.
  • Strong, 30-40 graduated compression socks for women
  • Only cotton touches the skin - ideal for women with skin allergies or sensitive skin
  • High-stretch knit construction which provides great elasticity, easy donning, and removal.
  • Made with 50% nylon, 25% spandex, 25% cotton
Dimensions9.3 x 1 x 4.6 inches

Sigvaris Cotton 30-40mmHg Calf Medium Long Womens Crispa


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