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Ever cautiously pick up your telephone to listen in on a juicy conversation and get caught with annoying clicks, beeps, or even your own breathing? Don't let that happen again with this discreet phone monitor and make it impossible to get caught!
The Silent Phone Spy Extension Monitor works via any phone jack and makes virtually no sound unlike listening in on another telephone line. There are no clicks, volume decreases, or voltage drops. The single earpiece allows you to listen effectively without letting any noise travel into the intercepted conversation. This phone monitoring device is ultimately transparent to assist you in all your spying endeavors.
Silently spy wherever you are with this discreet phone extension monitor!
This product is to be used only in a legal and lawful manner in compliance with all applicable laws and F.C.C. regulations.
  • Silent phone monitor extension for transparent and invisible spying
  • Earpiece which allows no sound to travel through intercepted conversation
  • Works via any phone jack
  • Compact, easy to transport to any location
  • No clicks, volume decreases, or voltage drops

Silent Phone Spy Extension Monitor Spyware


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