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Set in the town of Stanford, Michigan, former marine turned architect, Jared Russell is called upon to build one of Michigan's largest Mosques. He is joined by Ahmad and Shirin Hassani who had fled Iran, fearing for their lives. Little does he know they are being hunted by a radical Muslim cleric, set on fulfilling a blood curse. As a black man, Jared must deal with racial prejudice, threats to his life, and PTSD. Added to the mix is Jimbo Osborne, who claims Daphne, Alabama as his home. Soon tempers flare as Jimbo's prejudice and racial slurs threatens to undue all that Jared is trying to accomplish. Amid controversy and danger, Jared realizes he is falling in love with Fatemah Bashera, the other woman in the story. She too has a blood curse hanging over her head and lives in fear of discovery by Imam Fahad. As the building project develops, so does tensions between the city and its citizens. The pressure is ratcheted up as the Imam takes Fatemah hostage in order to drive home his demands. Follow Jared as he risks his life to save those he loves. Ripped from the pages of the newspaper, this contemporary fictional thriller will make you believe you are in the middle of a major cultural shift, because you are.
  • ISBN13: 9781467577809
  • Publisher: New Life Publications
  • Pubilcation Year: 2013
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 00394
Publication DateJanuary 16, 2013
Primary CategoryFiction/Action & Adventure

Sisters of the Veil

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