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Time has settled things, the fossils of Frontier Ruckus? first records remain, but a new rolling house has been built upon it by the band, as if pulled from show to show, tour stop to tour stop. Matthew Milia and company aren’t stopping. There;s some place to be. Now 6 years on from their first full length, lauds from NPR, Paste, Rolling Stone, and Daytrotter in the rear-view, and remnants of tours to Europe and each corner of these United States scattered in fanny-packs and hollow-body guitar cases, Sitcom Afterlife, set to arrive 9/11/2014, speaks with a more compact and frontal approach.
  • Frontier Ruckus - Sitcom Afterlife [CD]
GenrePopular Music
Publication Date20141110
Publisher ImprintAlternative Distribution Alliance

Sitcom Afterlife

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