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Since their debut in 2009, the Skeletones Four have approached the horror genre in a different manner than most bands that have come before. While punk and metal outfits like the Misfits and Cannibal Corpse, respectively, have chosen to shock music fans with speed, violent urgency and hellish landscapes, the Skeletones Four have taken a mellower, Ouija board-inspired route to the supernatural, unearthing inoffensive ghouls and ghosts with a classic rock pedigree. On their latest album, Petrified Forest, the Guelph natives combine Allman Brothers' dual guitars with Meddle-era Pink Floyd synths to create a sound that is at once groovy, psychedelic and characterized by unusual time signatures.
  • Skeletones Four - Petrified Forest [CD]
Publication Date20150512
Publisher ImprintEntertainment One Ltd Ptp

Petrified Forest

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