Bindi is a self-adhesive body decoration traditionally worn on the forehead of Indian women. This tradition has grown into a world wide fashion statement. Many Americans first took notice of the bindi in the 1990's when Gwen Stefani of No Doubt was sporting bindi as a stylish accessory. Why limit such a cool accessory to one place? You can find bindi worn everywhere; lower back, corner of the eye, cleavage, as a floating necklace... This little slice of fashion will get more compliments than any diamond! Available in a rainbow of colors, you can match an outfit exactly, or you can use a contrasting color for a "notice me" effect. Bindi will complete any Bollywood inspired outfit or ethnic clothing, but is even better when worn with something unexpected, such as a sundress or suit. Bindi make even simple jeans and a t-shirt look stylish and new.
  • Reusable self adhesive ready to wear body jewelry
  • A rainbow of great colors with matching crystals and gold micro beads.
  • Perfect size for everyday or small groupings.
  • Measures 1/4 inch (.5 cm) across (apprx).
  • 24 individual bindi

Small Rainbow Bindi Dots Crystal Indian Body Stickers Large 24 Pack

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