Smokehouse Meaty End Bone is a large and meaty bone that your dog will love to chew on for hours on end. Ideal for larger breed dogs and aggressive chewers, this large cow bone is slow roasted to perfection to ensure that the succulent natural flavors remain intact and that the remaining meat is fully cooked for your dog's enjoyment. These bones were made to ensure that it is high-quality beef cooked to perfection. This bone is large and contains plenty of bone marrow and meat to keep your dog busy for multiple chewing sessions worth of enjoyment. The bone is approximately five inches across and five inches long with plenty of ridges and protrusions into, which your dog can easily sink his teeth. Your dog will love chewing and licking this delicious, meaty roasted bone, so order it for your dog today!
  • Meat still attached to bone for delicious treat
  • Oven-roasted for highly palatable taste
Dimensions4.00 x 5.00 x 6.00 Inches

Smokehouse Large End Bone

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