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Snit;s Dog and Pony show is not a freak show or circus act!It;s simply an American Roots Music Rock & Roll Band.Kevin Snit; Fitzpatrick has had the band as a side project for many years.It is now his main interest.As an original member of the Hollisters,an award winning and beloved Houston Alt-Country band,Snit established himself as an integral part of the music scene.Snit moved to Houston from Atlanta in October of ;94 and helped form that band in April of ;95..The Dog & Pony Show have just finished there second record titled No Good Deed Goes Unpunished;.This will be released on April 7th..;The band can best be described as a cross between the Georgia Satellites and the Kentucky Headhunters,if those bands had been brought up playing in English Pubs.The Blues influence is also very apparent,and Chuck Berry and the late Johnnie Johnson,his right hand man and songwriting,piano player are never too far away.The current lineup features J.D. Ditullio on drums and Sam Dunlap on Lead guitar.Currently the band is staying close to home,but looks forward to securing a booking agent to tour the states and Europe through 2006.Snit;s Dog & Pony Show won Best New Act in the Houston Press Music Awards 2001.And released there debut CD, 3 Chords and a Cloud of Dust; that same year. Snit;s shows pony up By SARA CRESS Copyright 2005 Houston Chronicle His name is Kevin Fitzpatrick, but everyone knows him as Snit. As with most nicknames, there;s a story that goes along with it, but Snit;s story is way more rock ;n; roll than yours, Sparky. Bill Olive : For the Chronicle ;I;d like to be able to play louder,; Snit says, ;but we;d get run out of most places.; ;I was living in New Jersey, and I had a little house out in the woods in the middle of nowhere. We could play our music as loud as we wanted, whenever we wanted. The only thing around was Martin;s Liquors. We were into reading things backward, so people started calling my house Snitram;s Palace and they called me Snitram, which was shortened to Snit.; Years have passed, but Snit is still Snit, and he still likes his music loud. Snit;s Dog and Pony Show -- in which Snit sings with guitarist Sam Dunlop and drummer J.D. DiTullio -- plays a few nights a week all over town, in different configurations, with a rotating cast of bass players, with acoustic and electric sets. And tireless energy. ;I don;t want to play once a month,; he says. ;I want to play.; Snit moved to Houston from Atlanta in 1994 and immediately became an integral part of the local music scene as drummer for the successful and beloved Hollisters. ;[Hollisters frontman] Mike Barfield called me and said he wanted to form a band. It was great, and it worked for five years. We heard people complain about the music scene here, but we were really happy. I think we;re going to do a few dates coming up, some reunion shows. I hope people remember us.; While Snit speaks fondly of his country-rock days with the Hollisters, when he left the band he knew there was something else he wanted to do. ;I wanted to play more rock ;n; roll,; he says. If you;re like most music fans, you won;t realize that many of Snit;s Dog and Pony Show;s songs aren;t it;s own. You probably know who Chuck Berry is, but do you know much beyond Johnny B. Goode? ;Most people don;t recognize 80 percent of what we do, so it;s going to be new to them,; Snit says. ;To me, a good song is a good song no matter who wrote it.; Snit doesn;t like to think of himself as a musical historia
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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

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