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Well, heres the deal....these guys sound like AC/DC ..Or The Who. Joined w/ a dash of The Tubes. Plus alot of their own original way of playing. It's all good. Session guys taking a break from the usual bullshit of music life. They did a pretty good CD. Drivin' rock w/ some laughs added. I didn't produce it, but wish't i had. I like it. The guys are pals o' mine. So i thought it'd be nice to put it out for others to hear. I hope you enjoy it. It's also very amusing if your in need of a smile. It's also great road music...or while your dating and drinking...hopefully not dating,dinking,and driving at the same time. Tim St.Clair, Producer of music, but not Snout.... Ps...The Guitar is played by Peter Brown, The drums by Jeff Myer. The lead vocals and bass, Jonathan Bassil. The songs are by the guys, Pete Townsend,Bill Spooner and J. Bassil's ex-wife. She came up w/ alot of the Jr. Satinists concept. That's the trith as i know it to be.
  • Snout - Junior Satanists [CD]
Publication Date20051206
Publisher ImprintAudio & Video Labs, Inc

Junior Satanists


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