TWO NATIONS BOUND BY BLOOD AND VIOLENCE When American teenager Joey Andrews and his family arrive in Tehran, Iran in 1976 they find an expatriate paradise within one of the world's oldest civilizations. Through the bold and imperious leadership of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, this ancient land is thrust into the modern age bringing great progress to some and seething resentment to others. It is the twilight of an empire and the last days before a revolution that forces the evacuation of 50,000 Americans and transforms Iran into a radical Islamic state. "Well-crafted scenes take the reader straight to the heart of a city on the brink of revolution as Anthony Roberts artfully draws full-dimensional characters who eloquently express a multitude of conflicting viewpoints on the place of religion, government, and power in society." - By Nancy LaTurner, author of "Voluntary Nomads" SONS OF THE GREAT SATAN covers the last days of the Shah's reign from the perspective of the Americans living in Tehran who witnessed the decline and fall of a supposed ally. It takes an author of great courage to face the many sides of what became Iran's Islamic revolution. My hat is off to Mr. Roberts who manages to tell the tale with fairness and objectivity. Roberts' style is full of energy and he's written a page-turner that you won't put down, assuming you have a shred of interest in the subject. - By Doug Roberts, author of "The Man Who Fooled SAVAK" This story will give the average reader a different perspective on living in Iran in the late 70s when an empire began to crumble. Steeped with cultural situations and politics, the story plays out through two youth, an American, Joey, and a native of the land, Farhad Zadeh. Seeing the cruelty of a world through the eyes of these youth gives the reader an inside look at the cultural differences the world continues to struggle with today. This is a hard-driving, no-nonsense look at life in Iran during this politically changing time.
  • ISBN13: 9780615635088
  • Publisher: Big Zig Publishing
  • Pubilcation Year: 2012
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 00380

Sons of the Great Satan

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