With mankind facing yet another self-induced annihilation, a united group of spiritual beings compile a plan to send two true mates from their circle to be born on Earth. Knowing that the price of possessing a human shell means having to wear the veil of protection - unawareness of any previous existence - they elect to wait until the earth-bound couple reaches an age of maturity to arrange their timely meeting when their veils will be lowered and they will spiritually recognize one another. Half a continent between them, Anna Adell, a housewife and mother, and Jess Parks, a Hollywood TV actor, must be directed to find each other and complete the intended mission to help rid the Earth of apathy and discontent and instill anew the timeless old order called the Way. Through earthly encounters with their spiritual group members acting as friends, spouses, a spirit guide, and a visiting alien who warns humanity about defiling its own nest, they visit places that normal humans cannot go such as ethereal portals, cosmic flights and planes in-between. Relying on his spiritual beliefs, Jess attempts to accept his sudden spiraling disappointments, but being exposed to human negativity all his life makes his acceptance difficult, while Anna clings to her belief in God to comfort the sudden unexplainable events occurring around her. As like any mother, she fears for the safety of her children. But like most human fears, they are unfounded. The moment they meet is indescribably profound for the two true mates, but their veils yet remain intact. They must endure their quest until the timed moment when they are allowed to truly recognize one another - pure pleasure or pure torture, or both? The ultimate plan of joining the human race with the rest of the universal population must not be forced. Humans must elect to change their violent ways to receive an invitation or be doomed to remain isolated on their tiny, crowded planet forever. This plan falls on the shoulders of the selected few. Soul Seeker was originally intended to be science fiction, but after reading a few Edgar Cayce books, this novel was the result. It took over 93,000 words and twenty-six years to create this love story about Anna and Jess. I feel as though I could walk through a door and my characters would be there for me to greet. A second book was begun a few years ago. The brief appearances of Anna and Jess in its first chapter lets readers know that book II is a sequel. The second novel introduces another couple belonging to the spiritual circle, and a continuance of ushering in the old order called the Way. I hold two associates' degrees, one in biomedical technology (electronics), and one in radiologic technology - the field I currently work in. I am my own keeper and a bit of a perfectionist, hence the lengthy time to complete this novel.
  • ISBN13: 9780615237466
  • Publisher: Toni G. Gregory
  • Pubilcation Year: 2012
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 00320
Publication DateDecember 4, 2012
Primary CategoryDrama/American - General
Sub Category 1Body, Mind & Spirit/Angels & Spirit Guides

Soul Seeker: The Story of Jess & Anna

T Brady

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