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Durable Versatility

The soft, composite cover helps students maintain greater grip for more consistent play. The cover makes the ball tougher than leather and soft enough for a “broken in” feel. It’s perfect for any level of play on any playing surface. 40% nylon polyester windings provide durability to the middle layer of the ball, protecting the bladder and adding better shape retention


  • Wide channels in the ball provide better handling and control, especially compared to others that have narrow or medium channels.
  • The ball’s inner core is a 60% butyl bladder, ideal for harder surfaces. It provides significantly better air retention than latex bladders or those with less butyl rubber.
  • The ball comes in Sizes 6 and 7, the former of which is perfect for younger players and women’s play and the latter of which is meant for men’s play and older students.
  • Features the NIRSA Authenticating Mark.
  • Great for both indoor and outdoor use.

Spalding NIRSA TF-500 Basketball Size 7


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