Fibre blending has been a common practice in the textile industry that can achieve quality products which cannot be realized using one fibre type alone and it can also reduce the cost by substituting a less expensive fibre for a more costly one. The flax fibres consist of highly crystalline cellulose fibrils spirally wound in a matrix of amorphous hemi cellulose and lignin. Bamboo is regarded as an eco-friendly material because of its remarkable attributes. Soybean protein fibre is the only botanic protein fibre in the world, a newly born guard to mankind's skin. It has not only the superiorities of the natural fibres but also the physical properties of synthetic ones. It meets the people's demand of comfortable and beautiful wearing and also conforms to the trend of easy care. So the blending of these fibres combines all their individual qualities. The present research study was planned to evaluate the characteristics of yarn and knitted fabric produced by the combination of Flax, Bamboo and Soybean fibres in different ratios of their blend to choose the best combination and achieve excellent manufacture results.
    Publication DateMarch 2, 2012
    Primary CategoryEducation/General

    Spinning and Knitting of Flax, Bamboo and Soybean Fibre Blends

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