Spiral Castle was the 2nd comeback album after the reformation of Manilla Road back in 2000. This like all Manilla Road albums was unlike any other album they've ever done in the past. For the time of it's release, it's doomier than anything they've ever done in the past and still today one of their heaviest albums. The album transcends some of the best epic passages they've ever written and even though he shares vocal duties with Hellroadie, it captures one of Mark Shelton's most unique and amazing vocal performances (if you can tell which one is who?). The original CD version was released with a missing song because their label at the time didn't like the song. However the vinyl version included all of the songs. This is the first time the band will finally see the CD released the way they intended it to be and fans can finally have the complete package.
  • Spiral Castle
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Spiral Castle

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