Universal Fit The Sprite® shower head filter will replace almost any shower head Removes Chlorine Remove chlorine from water, which can dry out your skin and can lead to health problems from exposure over long periods of time. Removes Hydrogen Sulfide Removes hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from water, which causes rotten egg odor. Replaceable Cartridge Replaceable cartridge (Model HOC) needs replaced every 6-12 months OR 10,000 gallons. Reversible Cartridge Periodic reversing of the cartridge not only eliminates channeling (ensuring balanced filtration) but also back-flushes the filter. Shower Head The shower head has 3 spray settings, but can be replaced with any standard shower head. Installation Kit Includes filter cartridge, shower head, optional flow restrictor, small roll of PTFE tape, Reminder decal, and installation & maintenance instructions. Chrome Finish The shower head has a stylish chrome finish to match your other standard bathroom fixture finishes.

    Sprite High-Output Shower Head and Filter

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