The Squatters' Farm is a satirical masterpiece, told from a young boy's point of view spanning around survival and resilience. Born in Republic of Kalyaland, a country in post independence Africa, at the time when political greed was beginning to flourish, Kipsisei finds himself being brought up with his peers in a vast land of great abundance. To him at, first, life was like a smooth road filled with gaiety. However, life takes a nasty twist when some internal and external forces characterized by socio-political vices accompanied by an incessant quest for democracy weighs in and distort his boyhood happiness. As if not enough some dark forces, with the assistance of the ruling authority, hatch a scheme to grab the land he has known as home leading to what seemed as a forceful eviction. In an attempt to salvage the land, he is sucked into an endless string of violence that in turn results in suffering, destitution and wanton violation of fundamental human rights.

    Publication DateMay 13, 2017
    Primary CategoryLiterary Criticism/African

    Squatter's Farm

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