The larger tips and 1-inch hooks of professionally designed St. Pierre Eagle Tournament Horseshoes grab the stake and stay on to bring your game to a bold new level. These NHPA-approved forged steel horseshoes weigh 2.5 lbs. each and are perfectly balanced for smooth swing and better control so you hit your target every time. St. Pierre Eagle Tournament Horseshoes are sold in sets of various quantities to match the size of your game so players won’t need to take a time-out to share shoes. Founded in Vermont way back in 1920 as the St. Pierre Chain Corporation, the company got its start as a tire chain making facility. Success came quickly and in 1928, owner Henry St. Pierre purchased a drop forge plant and put those drop forge hammers to work forging lines of automotive tools like pliers, grease bars, and tire irons. It was the perfect business model at the perfect time as cars became more affordable in America. During WWII, production was turned to the aircraft and anchor chain, which received the Navy ?E? for Excellence. But when the war was over and the country turned toward peace, so did St. Pierre. Henry enjoyed pitching horseshoes and decided it was high time somebody started making the things in a standard size, shape and weight just for outdoor games. It was an instant hit and the company became the largest producer of pitching horse shoes and made the sport what it is today. Now, St Pierre is still the largest manufacturer for the game and it?s still run by the St. Pierre family, only now production has grown to include even more backyard games and quality chain and rope products that are the envy of the industry. (STP015-2)
  • Forged steel horseshoes
  • Each shoe weighs approx. 2.5 lbs.
  • Maximum weight forged into the tips for top balance & control
  • Large hooks designed to grab official size stakes
  • Includes official rulebook
SizeOne Size
ColorAs Shown, Blue
Dimensions16 x 8 x 5 inches

St. Pierre Eagle Tournament Horseshoes

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As Shown

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