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With the Cardio Exercise Bike, you can get the comfortable cardio session you need to burn calories and improve your health in the privacy of home. You???ll be able to begin cycling soon after you get home; the bike???s assembly is quick and easy. Once you???re riding, you???ll see how the wide, padded, upholstered seat makes long cycling sessions enjoyable. Plus, you???ll be able to read, listen to music and watch TV while riding. With the help of the bike???s two holders ??? one near the monitor for a tablet or book and another for your water bottle ??? you???ll have everything you need for a fun cardio workout. Making your cardio session more enjoyable will also boost your performance. That???s exercise bike is outfitted with eight levels of smooth, quiet, magnetic resistance, curved handlebars and textured pedals. Even more, you can track your performance with the multi-function monitor, which displays your distance, rotations per minute, calories burned and more. This monitor also displays your heart rate, which is measured by the bike???s handlebar pulse sensors. It can also be set to scan through all the stats throughout your workout. On top of comfort and performance, the Cardio Exercise Bike is a space-saving, convenient option for those who don???t have a dedicated workout area. It???s small footprint, foldable frame and built-in wheels make storage and transportation easy. When you???re finished with your session, simply pull the pin, fold the bike and roll it away to the nearest closet or corner.
  • Stamina St Cardio Exercise Bike

Stamina Cardio Exercise Bike

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