Sterling Silver Flower Peridot Pendant - in Sterling Silver - Created Pink Sapphire - Rhodium Finished - Ships with 16-18 Inch Adjustable Chain - 1 inch wide x 1 3/8 inch long - FREE gift-ready jewelry box ::: [ Potential Enhancement Methods: peridot ] - Sometimes infused with oil, wax resins and/or colorless hardened substance to enhance appearance. ::: [ Care and Handling: peridot ] - Do not use ultrasonic cleaner or steamer. Avoid sudden temperature changes and contact with harsh chemicals. ::: ::: [ Potential Enhancement Methods: created pink sapphire ] - Grown in a laboratory, but are chemically, physically and optically identical to natural gems. Natural gems typically have inclusions from the crystallization process, where gases and other minerals mix during the molten stage of stone creation. Lab-created stones rely on a steady, controlled proces ::: [ Care and Handling: created pink sapphire ] - Avoid strong detergents, heat, pressure and ultrasonic cleaner or steamer. Avoid re-polishing or re-cutting of the stone. Color may fade in light or with heat. Clean with warm soapy water and a soft brush or cloth. :::

    Sterling Silver Flower Peridot Pendant

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