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StopTech Aero-Rotor Kit

StopTech Aero-Rotor Kit; Slotted; Rear; 2 pc.

  • StopTech Aero-Rotor Kit

Whether you drive a sports car, SUV, truck or sport compact, Power Slot has a brake rotor for your vehicle. With over 1200 vehicle fitments, Power Slot is the undisputed leader in high performance replacement rotors. We pioneered the performance rotor business years ago and since then we've never lost our focus. First came our Power Slot gas slotted O.E. replacement rotors. And for customer swho need a little extra brute in their brakes, we developed Power Slot Cryo rotors and Power Slot Plus big brake kits. Here at Power Slot we live by one simple motto: Premium quality equals premium performance. We believe that all of our products must exceed the fit, finish and performance of the Original Equipment on your car. So you won't find a single economy rotor hiding in our program. That's why we are known as the Performance Brake Professionals!

  • Stoptech
  • 81.646.9912

StopTech 81.646.9912 Replacement Slotted AeroRotor, Rear


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