In 1996, renowned classical violin soloist Rachel Barton Pine made history when she played her version of Metallica's quot;Onequot; live in the studio on Chicago's Rock 103.5. The incredibly enthusiastic listener response and enormous number of requests caused the performance to end up in regular rotation on the station for a few months. This unprecedented success led Rachel to record an entire album of some of her favorite rock and heavy metal songs by AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Megadeth, Led Zeppelin, Pantera, Rush, Nirvana, and others. quot;Stringendo: Storming the Citadelquot; and especially it's signature hit quot;Onequot; show that Rachel and her violin can shred on mosh riffs as well as any guitarist! Rachel's Bio It's easy to be intimidated by the sheer immensity of Rachel Barton Pine's accomplishments. The young Chicago based violinist has performed on stages all over the world in front of hundreds of thousands of people, released 13 albums, won countless prestigious awards, and played with musicians ranging from Placido Domingo to Jimmy Page. Yet throughout her career, Rachel has worked to demystify classical music and bring it to audiences for whom it has not been easily accessible. Groups as various as inner city children, sports fans, music students in developing countries, and even her fellow rock fans have been enriched by Rachel's devotion to music and the infectious enthusiasm with which she shares it. She's more than a musician - she's perhaps the greatest young ambassador that classical music has today. Ironically, it was the vision of the beautiful dresses being worn by violin students in her church that first drew Rachel's attention to the instrument at age three. As she remembers, quot;I was attracted to how the girls looked and totally entranced by the sound of the violin.quot; Rachel asked her parents for a violin immediately, but was turned down; it was only after her parents discovered a violin
  • Stringendo: Storming The Citadel
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Stringendo: Storming the Citadel

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