Street food--made healthy for the home cook!
Every country has its own special street food, quick and tempting, and time- and money-saving. Now, you can prepare healthier versions of these enchanting dishes, and evoke exotic locales right at home. The preparation is a little lighter, and the cooking methods more wholesome, but the flavors are just as wonderful. Try Indian Turmeric Chicken, Moroccan Lamb Skewers, a French Cr'pe with Berries, African Dumplings with Onions and Peppers, Argentine Empanadas, and much more.
  • Hardcover, Sterling Pub Co Inc, 2017, ISBN13 9788854410930, ISBN10 8854410934
Publication DateJuly 4, 2017
Primary CategoryCooking/Regional & Ethnic - General

Street Food: From the Street to Your Table

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