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STRESS MANAGEMENT QUESTIONNAIRE (SMQ): "A Guide to Stress Mastery and Stress Resilience"

Profile The Stress Management Questionnaire (SMQ) consists of first a valid and reliable stress "risk" assessment (87 psychometrically developed questions rating on a 5 pt Likert Scale) along with a 36 page Stressmastery Interpretive Guide. The SMQ & Guide are used in companies and organizations to help employees learn about their stress risk level and discover through the Guide how to master stress on the job and to become more stress resilient.

How it works. After answering 87 scientifically developed questions, a personal Stress Risk Profile is produced; i.e., from Low to High Risk on the 11 SMQ stress scales. To obtain one's risk levels on the scales, each person's score is compared to the norm group that was used to establish the SMQ. Some of the SMQ scales are: Anger, Burnout, Tension, Perfectionism, Time Urgency and 6 more.

The Stressmastery Guide is an important part of the SMQ. It describes and defines the purpose of each SMQ scale, what a "Risk" score means and, then, offers a "roadmap" or plan for personal change. The Guide is a comprehensive source of techniques and strategies that have been proven successful in preventing, reducing and managing stress...wherever or wherever it may occur.

Target Audience The SMQ is ideal for anyone experiencing stress, anxiety and burnout, especially in the world of work. It can be by individuals as a self-development tool or, as is most common, it can be used in virtually any stress management program or counseling session. In addition, the online SMQ can be used a corporate needs assessment or to determine the overall level of employee stress for a department, group or for the entire organization. A Facilitators Guide is available to help integrate the SMQ into a stress management program.

Versions Two version of the SMQ are available; a Print and an Internet Online Version.

  • ISBN13: 9780970188113
  • Publisher: Emerging Media
  • Pubilcation Year: 2013
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 00050

Stress Management Questionnaire (Smq)

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