Super Science Matter and Materials Experiments is bursting with 10 great experiments for little scientists!
- Photographic step-by-step guide to each experiment.
- Key scientific concepts explained and put to the test.
- Notes for parents, teachers and helpers on support and safety.
With 10 fantastic experiments covering matter and materials, children can get to grips with scientific theories with ease.
# A detailed list of the everyday materials needed is given at the beginning of the book, alongside a helpful guidance section for parents, helpers or teachers.
#The clear step-by-step instructions for each experiment are accompanied by fantastic photographs.
# These fun experiments give kids a hands-on experience of learning and they can even record their findings, just like a real scientist.
# This book is ideal for kids aged 7+. .
One of the science experiments books that every kid should have to understand how to put scientific ideas into practice!
Fun experiments featured in Super Science Matter and Materials Experiments:
# Can you mix it? Using two different materials, can you mix them together or do they repel each other?
# Colour separation: Discover how colour pigments move at different distances up wet paper!
# Electric bubble maker: Send electricity through two pencils using a battery to create a bubble maker!

    Dimensions8.9 x 0.1 x 11.6 inches
    Publication Date20161201

    Super Science Matter and Materials Experiments: 10 Amazing Experiments Plus Step-Bystep Photographs

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