Leaf Helper Spring


SuperSprings; Heavy Duty; Provides From 800 lbs To 6000 lbs Of Additional Capacity; 44 in. L x 3 in. W x 1.116 in.; Never Exceed Gross Vehicle Weight Rating

  • Bolt-On Suspension Enhancement System
  • Easily Install Directly Above Vehicles Rear Leaf Springs
  • Work In Parallel With Factory Spring Pack
  • Provides Additional Assistance On Demand
  • Reduce Or Eliminate Rear End Sag
  • Improve Towing Capabilities
  • Unique Anti-Sway Properties Reduce Body Roll
  • Enhance Driver Safety And Control
  • Most Noticeable When Loaded/Cornering/Dealing W/StrongCrossWinds

SuperSprings International Inc, is a manufacturer and distributor of Front SumoSprings and Rear SumoSprings – the world’s first airless airbags; SuperSprings – the unique, self adjusting leaf spring suspension enhancers; SuperSway-Stops – the simple solution to reducing camper body-roll; SuperCoils – the heavy duty, replacement front end coil springs; SuperKeys – the forged torsion keys for lifting and leveling the front suspension while maintaining your ride quality.

  • SuperSprings; Rear; Self-Adjusting Suspension Stabilizing System; Provides 4400 lbs Additional Load Leveling Ability; Do Not Exceed GVWR; Incl. Poly Spring Pad;
Dimensions57 x 7 x 7 inches

SuperSprings SSA17 SuperSprings

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