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The Story of Sweetheart's Gift Sweetheart's Gift is the story of a young girl, Sara, who experiences a tragedy on her way home from a fun day at the beach. She awakens in the hospital to discover she's lost the use of her legs and doesn't even remember how it happened. Sara resists the expectation that she can learn how to perform chores and take care of herself. Her struggle to learn how to live her life from a wheelchair takes her to Camp CanDo, a therapeutic farm. There, Sara meets a new foal named Sweetheart, whose life has also abruptly changed. Both of them are scared and uncertain. Understanding each other's plight, they bond as friends. Only when the pony is in dire trouble does Sara set aside her fears and make the choice to save him. Sweetheart's Gift is the first book in the Sweet Pony series in which children empower themselves to overcome obstacles. About the Author
Award-winning author, Peggy Jaegly introduces Sweetheart's Gift, the first in the Sweet Pony series of books in which children empower themselves to overcome unexpected obstacles. The series focuses around the children's interactions and adventures with a real Chincoteague pony named Sweetheart, which the author acquired at the Virginia Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Department's pony auction in 2010.
Sweetheart is a black pony bearing three unique white markings: a heart, an angel wing and a Celtic harp. Ms. Jaegly, who is also a professional harpist certified to provide healing harp music to hospice and hospital patients felt destiny brought her and Sweetheart together. They've had fun ever since.
As a life coach, Ms. Jaegly helps people achieve success in their businesses and personal pursuits. Knowing how important the relationships are between parents and their children, and teachers and their students, each book in the Sweet Pony series has companion discussion guides. These are meant to help children explore and express their feelings and to give parents and teachers opportunities to share and teach their own values. Contact the Author
Children can stay in touch with the real pony Sweetheart by joining the Sweetheart Pony Club ( and receiving a fun, interactive and educational monthly e-newsletter.
  • ISBN13: 9781457502873
  • Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing
  • Pubilcation Year: 2011
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 00028
Publication DateJuly 14, 2011
Primary CategoryJuvenile Fiction/Animals - Horses
Publisher ImprintDog Ear Publishing

Sweetheart's Gift: A Healing Chincoteague Pony Story

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