Fuel Tank Extra Large Midship Tank Extra Large Midship Tank; 60 Gallon; FEATURES: Made With Military Grade Cross-Linked Polymer Does Not Rust Or Corrode Reduces Condensation Titans Polymer Is 1/3 The Weight Of Steel Manufactured With No Welds Or Seams Titan Mid-Ship Tanks Nearly Double The Capacity Of A Stock Tank 415 Times Less Heat And Cold Conductive Than Aluminum Tanks Tougher Than Metal Extremely Tough And Rugged Easy Installation 5 Year Limited Warranty Made In The U.S.A. The Birth of a Titan: Titan Fuel Tanks was started in 2003 in response to the voices of diesel truck owners who wanted to go farther- longer. Without fear, they wanted to be able to go where the nearest fuel station might be hundreds of miles away. Anyone who has towed a trailer knows what it does to your mileage know how far it will be until the next station, you will often end up at overpriced stations that know they can gouge you and get away with it. Our goal was simple; design a lightweight tank that would fit each vehicle perfectly, not impact cargo space and provide up to double a pickup's fuel range. The tank had to operate without interfering with any functional parts of a vehicle, including the hitch, and - the real kicker - it had to look good. Because the last thing we want is to make your vehicle something you would be less proud of. A chemical engineer introduced us to XLHDPE - Cross-linked High Density Polyethylene - we knew right away that this was it. It's superior to the linear polyethylene used in original equipment tanks because the molecules of the polymer weave more tightly together (thus the term `cross-linked'). The cross-linked molecular weave makes our fuel tanks stronger, safer, and more durable than most anything on the market. It allows us to confidently back each one with our unparalleled 5-year limited warranty. With the pieces in place, Titan extra-large-capacity, under-body replacement fuel tanks were born. Why TITAN Tanks Ar
  • 703030360 Gallon extra heavy duty, cross-linked polyethylene fuel tank
  • 7030303
  • Titan Fuel Tanks
Dimensions22 x 101 x 16 inches

TITAN Fuel Tanks 7030303 Extra Large Midship Tank

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