Teaching Salvation from Scratch is a book of lessons primarily for the young Sunday School teacher to broaden the knowledge of God in the Sunday School class room. The teachings from Scratch is taking you from the very first verse of the bible in Genesis to the last book of the bible, Revelation. These chapters are lessons about God, His existence, His creation, in heaven as well as earth. It tells about the creation of man, obedience verses disobedience. This book teaches about sin and the author of sin, the Devil or Lucifer. Salvation from Scratch teaches about sacrifice for sin and God's ultimate sacrifice of His own Son for our sin. The birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It teaches you about God's chosen people and their rejection which opened the door for the Gentile people. Whosoever will gives each person a choice to accept or reject the only hope we have for eternal salvation. That hope is Jesus Christ, God's Son. Accept that invitation today!
    Publication DateNovember 15, 2017
    Primary CategoryReligion/Christian Life - General
    Publisher ImprintChristian Faith Publishing, Inc.

    Teaching Salvation from Scratch

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