"A Once in a Lifetime, One of a Kind, Rainbow Suspense Murder Mystery Thriller...Filled with Shades of Love, Wealth, Deceit, Revenge, Deception and an Odd Twist of Hypnotic Allegiance that Rears its Ugly Head to lure a Successful Group of Business Associates to Fall Prey to One of the World's Seven Deadly Sins...Greed! Teacher Roy Baldwin, the only son and heir to the Multi-Million Dollar Empire of his father Charles Baldwin, whose Mysterious death and the disappearance of his Fortune spurs Roy's Escapade of Action in an attempt to Avenge his father's Demise; Teacher Roy Baldwin sweeps a Vulnerable group of Teenage Students in a Trance of Blind Allegiance as Front-line Pawns in a Diabolical Plot to Avenge the Cruel Fate of Charles Baldwin. The Brilliant Law Criminology Mind of The Central Intelligence Agency's Top Man, CIA Director Cordlin Justice, is brought in on a Chess Game Tale of Maneuvers to solve a High Profile string of crimes!?! Will Roy Baldwin's plot to take down his father's Business Partners prove to be Successful or Will the Business Partners counter Roy's plan with a 'Secret Plot' of their own to strip Roy Baldwin of his Rightful Inheritance and Spoil his Will to Recover his Father's fortune!?!
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Pages: 244
  • Author: Gerald L. McCoy, Marcel Horace
  • ISBN: 074143931X
  • Publisher: Infinity Publishing
Publication DateMarch 5, 2012
Primary CategoryFiction/General

Teen Heist

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