Floating Row Cover protects plants and shrubs from the cold. Frost Blankets are put directly over shrubs and plants for freeze or frost protection, creating a layer that traps in the ground heat. All sides of the frost blanket must be sealed to keep the freezing temperatures outside.

  • Floating row cover allows early planting of flowering annuals, vegetables and bedding plants.
  • Fabric is lightweight, 14 mil, 2 oz. per sq. yd. and can be reused many times.
  • Semi-permeable blanket will allow limited moisture and water to get through.
  • For severe cold use two layers with a layer of polyethylene film on top.
  • Maximum roll length 500 ft.
  • Priced per linear ft. Pull and Cut. Buy exactly what you need.

WOW 2 oz. per square yard Our competitions is only 1 oz. Ours is the heaviest.

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    TekSupply 110811 Growers Supply Cooler


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