Dr. Matthew Quinn had everything. He was rich, handsome, intelligent, and driven. His invention had the power to change humanity forever. It was priceless, and the ascendance of his star was limitless. But he crossed the wrong people. Quinn thought he vanquished his enemies, selling his patented invention for millions and retiring to a boutique winery in the hills above Napa Valley. But vengeance followed him into retirement. In a heartbeat, Quinn was dealt a killing blow. His life and reputation were destroyed. He was made destitute, homeless, an outlaw, and he was mortally wounded. Matthew Quinn was a dead man, and time was running out. But men like Quinn don't go quietly into the night. They may have taken his life, his money, his land. They may have made him a pariah in the eyes of the public and a criminal to the authorities, but still, they underestimated Matthew Quinn. Could he get it all back? What would it take to breathe life into his spent body? What could he do to restore his failing organs, to redeem his once golden reputation, recover his self-made fortune? Barely alive, Quinn calls on a cunning and gifted friend who helps bring him back from the edge, giving him precious time to find out who destroyed him and why. Quinn's journey takes him into the seedy underworld of organized crime, a place he thought he had escaped forever. There he battles a ruthless mastermind every bit as intelligent and ambitious as he is. Catherine Michinski is as intent on restoring her dead father's empire as she is on destroying Quinn. A proxy-battle rages in the crucible of the corrupt, vicious industry of ultra-premium "cult" wine in a valley as thirsty for blood as it is for its primary export. Will Quinn squander his final hours before his failing body draws its last breath? Will he spend his precious remaining days locked away in a federal prison, or will his harrowing risks pay the dividend of a lifetime?
  • ISBN13: 9780615627007
  • Publisher: T&m Publishers
  • Pubilcation Year: 2012
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 00330
Publication DateMay 3, 2012
Primary CategoryFiction/Thrillers - General


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