Tetra has been revolutionizing and improving fish nutrition since the company’s birth in Germany in 1951. Since that time, Tetra has developed one of the most comprehensive bodies of fish food knowledge in the world. Promote a beautiful and healthy environment in your aquarium with this Tetra Broad Spectrum Aquarium Algae Control. It is effective at combating algal blooms (green water) as well as working against algae that grow on glass and decor. This Tetra algae control makes an ideal addition to any set of aquarium maintenance tools. Directions: To be used in established aquariums before application. It is recommended that you first remove as much algae as possible by cleaning the glass. This will allow tetra algae control to be its most effective at reducing the remaining algae. Remove carbon filters for 6-8 hours after dosing. Be prepared to clean out additional algae as it is skilled to prevent deterioration.
  • Broad spectrum algae controls green water as well as blue-green algae, brown algae, hair algae or blanketweed
  • Can be used with ornamental freshwater fish and plants
  • Includes a dropper for proper dose
  • Each bottle treats 1200 gallons
Size3.38 fl oz
Dimensions0.5 x 0.9 x 0.7 inches

Tetra Algae Control Aquarium Water Treatment, 100 mL


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3.38 fl oz