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The way I see it... Life on this spinning earth is an extraordinary and magnificent adventure. We come to the whole experience naked, wet and rather unprepared. Other people take care of us, they feed us, bathe, clothe, educate and nurture us through the early years. They serve us. And we grow. Gradually we develop skills, preferences and a personality. In our professional, personal and family lives, we learn how to give something back. We discover what it mean and how it feels to be generous, and value, demonstrate concern for others. We learn how to show respect and how to earn it. We learn to be in the lead. As our lives unfold, no one knows for sure what lies ahead: opportunities, challenges, good fortune, sometimes danger. You want the best for you and yours. I want the best for mine. We seek goodness for our family members, kindess for the old and young, understanding and compassion when in need. We want celebration when we're on a high, and commiseration when we're low. We want people in our lives who'll lend a hand, give a damn, pass a compliment, share a smile, willingly to go an extra mile. We all heard the phrase: "What goes around comes around." Well I believe it's true. Let's make our dance upon this earth the best that it can be It's up to us togther now. Life responds to you and me. This book can be used to your advantage it will boost your spirit, build your business and help enrich your life. It is sprinkled with relevent examples of service we encounter in our everyday lives with firms we know - some only too well! If you're a business professional and want to remain not just relevant but important in the new economy, you need to read this book and apply what you learn right away. This book is a master manual of the Leadership anyone has to get it.....
  • ISBN13: 9781425936693
  • Publisher: Authorhouse
  • Pubilcation Year: 2006
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 00284
Publication DateMay 8, 2006
Primary CategoryBusiness & Economics/Leadership

The Art of Leadership

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