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"In clear and persuasive prose, Wagner presents a levelheaded analysis of some of the most scrutinized evidence of the 20th century ..." - Kirkus Reviews

The Assassination of JFK: Perspectives Half a Century Later is the result of a reconciliation of widely divergent views of the assassination and who was responsible. For more than fifty years, the JFK assassination has ignited impassioned argument from those who believe the Warren Commission's conclusion that one man, Lee Harvey Oswald, acted alone in killing President John F. Kennedy and those who believe that the assassination was spearheaded by the KGB, Castro, the mob, anti-Castro revolutionaries, the military complex, the CIA, or even Kennedy's successor, Lyndon Baines Johnson, to name only a few. The conspiracy theories are almost too numerous to list and even include the fervent belief that Kennedy's body was stolen prior to autopsy on the very evening of the assassination for the purpose of doctoring the body to frame Oswald.

Bob Wagner digs into the enormous record of the assassination created by two government investigations and thousands of books and articles written by investigators, researchers, and historians. Bob describes the divergent views as being akin to two groups dividing the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle in half and attempting to produce complete pictures with their incomplete pieces. Once all the puzzle pieces are organized and properly fi t together, however, as Bob's painstaking work shows, a real picture emerges and the truth comes into focus. Bob thoroughly reviews the head-spinning morass of fact, conjecture, and conspiracy theories regarding the assassination of JFK and makes them understandable to those knowing little about the assassination, much less all of the conspiracy theories that abound.

The Assassination of JFK: Perspectives Half a Century Later presents the clearest case against Arlen Specter's infamous single-bullet theory while also demonstrating why it is clear that Lee Harvey Oswald fired the only shots in Dealy Plaza on November 22, 1963.

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    Publication DateOctober 18, 2016
    Primary CategoryHistory/United States - General
    Publisher ImprintDog Ear Publishing

    The Assassination of JFK

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