As a young youth, back at about 1945--just as the war was getting over, I remember looking up at the full moon in the clear, dark sky. I was impressed at how bright it was--how it seemed so close, yet so far away. In my wildest imagination, I could never have even thought that a human from earth would actually walk on its surface.

I'm learning that the brain and mind is capable of some far-fetched concepts that present day thinking is not even able to imagine. Our God has provided us with capabilities that are second only to his Son and himself.

In Chapter 4, the verbiage may seem far removed from reality, and maybe it is. But I believe that if you can imagine it--if you can think it--then it must be possible, some day!

The characters in this book are caring, thoughtful, generous, and helpful, for the most part, the exception being the Dober boys.

As the author, I find it truly amazing to think of what the mind can conceive--considering that these stories were written back in 1972. I'm just beginning to put the book together now, in 2013.

To those reading this book with an open mind, I think that they will get maximum enjoyment and benefit from these stories, especially from Chapter 6.

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    Publication DateOctober 12, 2016
    Primary CategoryFiction/General

    The Blue Medallion

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