Chameleon is green from the top of his scaly head to the tip of his scaly tail. Not red; not blue; just green.

He knows he should be able to change colour but no matter how hard he tries he can't do it. To make matters worse, all the creatures he meets want to see his clever colour-changing trick.

Let's join Chameleon on his jungle walk and find out if he can learn the secret that every chameleon should know: how to change colour!

Aimed at the four-to-eight-years age group, The Chameleon Who Couldn't Change Colour is the fourth of Gail Clarke's illustrated books for children. Since 2010, Gail has been presenting her books to children in schools in many parts of the world. She is assisted in her readings by glove puppets of Patrick the parrot and his Great-Grandpa Gilbert, and more recently Cosmos the Curious Whale has joined them. Some 35,000 children in Hong Kong, Phuket, Bangkok, Dubai, Kenya, Sri Lanka and England have now enjoyed learning about animal migration, writing and illustrating, and of course hearing Gail's stories.

During 2014, when Gail was still writing The Chameleon Who Couldn't Change Colour, she invited children in various schools she was visiting to draw chameleons to be included in the story. She was thrilled to receive a huge number of beautifully coloured drawings that she was able to include in this book. You can learn more about Gail and her books on her website at

    Publication DateNovember 1, 2017
    Primary CategoryJuvenile Fiction/Animals - Jungle Animals

    The Chameleon Who Couldn't Change Colour

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