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The history of the Maori race holds a story so unique that it is unprecedented in the history of human evolution. More especially from the time of the arrival of the European to New Zealand and the Maori world of almost unparalleled savagery and cannibalism, that "arrival" set in train a course of events that ultimately resulted in a race completely transformed from the "old." In very short order through inter-tribal battles primarily set in place by my cannibal ancestor Hongi Hika, "Hongi the man-eater," slaves taken in battle were subsequently instructed by resident missionaries and later set free. Through a line of Maori Religious Prophets, a new religious ethos based on the teachings in The Bible developed within the Maori race and psyche. This ordained process culminated in the greatest, T. W. Ratana. He it was who, when in London prior to the Second World War, prophesied the bombing of that city. His journey to Europe at the time should have resulted in the recognition of the primary Event of the 20th century, but it did not. Hence, New Zealand's Lost Legacy. Among many prophecies, he stated the following in 1929, a crucial year for global humanity. "Soon, very soon in the future you will no longer speak, but instead a very different person (generation) will reveal to you all the fruits of these prophecies. Not only will it be revealed exclusively to you the morehu only, no but to the whole country..." When was this to occur? On the 11th November, 1936, the Prophet, Ratana, stated thus. ..".and at that time you will see a woman rising up from the Labour Party who will become Prime Minister..." . That woman is Helen Clark, now Administrator, U.N. Development Programme. In this book, you will therefore discover the true state of Maori spirituality and the spiritual purpose they could once have fulfilled.
  • ISBN13: 9780473188887
  • Publisher: Crystal Publishing
  • Pubilcation Year: 2012
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 00710
Publication DateApril 12, 2012
Primary CategoryHistory/Oceania
Publisher ImprintCrystal Publishing

The Coming of Pakeha Religion

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