'The Complications of Love' is based on the true love story of a young Irish man-Brian and Francesca, an Asian trans-gender. I met him one night at an Irish pub in Allston. He told me his love story, as he became drunker, his speech grew slurred-"I can't believe all the unusual things that have happened in my life"-his comment was accompanied by loud laughter from his friends surrounding him. To his friends, his love story was strange and hilarious, but to Brian his love life was problematic and troublesome. Normally, when in love, the general understanding is that love is romance and happiness. But, Brian's unconventional love life was complicated and confusing. Strange incidents happened to him constantly. He tried hard to be discreet about his lover, until his unusual behavior made people curious. His friends and family tried to discover his secrets, but Brian hid them until his life became chaotic and desperate!
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Pages: 212
  • Author: Lisa Half-Lady
  • ISBN: 0984142231
  • Publisher: Taweepong Chaleangsak
Publication DateDecember 24, 2009
Primary CategoryFiction/Humorous - General

The Complications of Love

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