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When aging parents need help, they turn to a daughter. This book answers the question "now what?" and helps women successfully juggle caregiving, careers, kids, siblings and marriage on their own terms. It's all about new options, clear priorities and no guilt. Twenty-five percent of Baby Boomers now have a senior parent living with them, and almost a third of American workers care for their parents. But what no one has pointed out, until now, is that Boomer eldercare responsibilities usually fall on the daughters, who are also often caught between the competing demands of a working spouse, school-aged kids and a full-time career. The Daughter Trap is the first book on the market to simply say it like it is: women get stuck in the caretaker role - whether they like it or not; and whether they're prepared for it or not. The author shows how this happens over and over again and explores why women let it happen. Drawing on years of original research, as well as interviews with business leaders and the personal stories of individual women, The Daughter Trap not only identifies the problem but also provides concrete and actionable solutions with takeaway lessons readers can apply to their own lives.

    The Daughter Trap: Taking Care of Mom and Dad. and You

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