The question of the Godhead is a very heated issue
in Christendom. The field abounds with contrasts,
antitheses, and confusion. The majority of Christians
are proponents of the Trinity. But increasingly large
numbers of them are abandoning the Trinity camp and
questioning its validity. In discussions and chat rooms,
for every verse one presents in favor of a particular
theory of the Godhead, one will encounter tens of
scriptures contradicting or disproving them. This is
irrespective of the brand of Godhead being defended--
Trinity, Binitarianism, Oneness, Unitarianism, etc.
In one such public Internet forum, as I was trying to
present my own version of the Godhead, God gave me
a unique understanding of the subject and prompted
me to turn my posts then into a book. This is the
book you are now about to read. It examines God
in seven divine dispensations. Godhead is different
in each dispensation. At times God appears to be
one (Unitarianism); at other times he seems to be
two (Binitarianism); and still other times he is three
(Trinity). At times it seems it is only Jesus and no
one else (Oneness). Only this book combines all the
theories of the Godhead into one glorious unity!

    Publication DateSeptember 1, 2017
    Primary CategoryReligion/Christian Theology - Eschatology

    The Double Model

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