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"One day a pretentious son call Sonny Babe has a homework assignment, which leads him to ask members of his family about creation of the world and it origanisms. His mother gave him the Bible's version, with a sister jokingly saying that she had heard that people come from monkeys, and from his beady eyes and untidy look, the saying just might be true, But later his father promised to write a myth that did not indicate that people come from monkeys, and some information about the Black Race Progression from salvery to freedom by the Thirteenth, Fourthteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments, also some information about sexually transmitted diseases and life from birth to grave. The father got permission from his other family members to allow one week of the father's vacation to spend at the family's farm located in the Mississippi Delta to thoroughly explain the duties of the eight spirits of his creation myth.
    Publication DateAugust 25, 2010
    Primary CategoryBody/General

    The Elements of Creation Myth

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