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The imaginative fantasy adventure begun in Walker of Worlds continues. The Order of Things has been fulfilled. Jack, the King's Tramp, has returned to his native world of Lostwithal. With his witnesses from Kemolo--our Earth--he has warned the King about the coming Epicene. Actions can now be taken to stop chaos from overwhelming the universes. But can they? The Mage of Four has spirited the Epicene off to some distant place in Lostwithal. Neither can be found. If the Mage cannot be stopped, the Epicene will fulfill the awful purpose for which it was born. Plots and problems grow still more complex. Returning from a restive Ramble, Jack discovers Peter Musik, Money Campbell, and his other friends gone--each seeking the answer to his personal quest. Jack must walk once more. Perhaps his skill at causing fortuitous "accidents" will somehow pull everything together. "This is a major fantasy story: miss it at your peril"--Locus"If what you really want is intelligent, lively contemporary fantasy, with a 120-proof story and quirky characters, Walker of Worlds is a beakerful... This guy's visions are worth putting into your head."--Orson Scott Card "A tour de force."--Publishers Weekly
  • ISBN13: 9780385264310
  • Publisher: Doubleday Books
  • Pubilcation Year: 1998
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 00444
SeriesChronicles of the King's Tramp (Paperback)
Series Volume Number02
Publication DateSeptember 2, 1998

The End-Of-Everything Man

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