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"Why did he do that?""Why did she say that?" People are a puzzle. We wonder why they do what they do. But now we have an answer. In this book we find out that people do what they do because of their instincts. Deep inside us, hidden in our DNA, is a force that motivates everything we do, according to this author. He calls it "The Force Within Us" and he describes in detail how this force works, what it really is (a function of our brains), and what that force is trying to do. He also lists a number of instincts and describes the behaviors they motivate. Along the way, he offers some intriguing observations about the peculiarities of our human behavior. This is an easy-to-read, unconventional book, containing ideas that appear to be quite new, but which are actually based on years of scientific research. Read this book for fun, and as you do, you'll learn some interesting things about yourself-and everybody else. This is a revolutionary concept which the author developed over years of working in advertising and marketing, where understanding human behavior is a key concern. The concept is based on genetics, the front half of the classic instinct/culture psychological model. The author explains how these built-in instincts that we all share perform as the basic motivation for human activity. Using examples and citing expert sources, the author shows exactly what these instincts are like and how they function within us. He also considers the role of culture in expressing these instincts.
  • ISBN13: 9780988587007
  • Publisher: Abbott Company
  • Pubilcation Year: 2013
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 00088
Publication DateJanuary 17, 2013
Primary CategoryPsychology/General
Publisher ImprintAbbott Company

The Force Within Us

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