The Groundskeeper II Rake. Simply the most effective rake the homeowner or professional can have in their landscaping arsenal. This versatile rake can be used for general debris clean-up, leveling bedding material, spreading rock, grooming golf course bunkers, spreading mulch, de-thatching, and more! The aggressively angled tines dig in with little or no pressure needed, allowing you to stand up straight while using the rake and relieving stress on your back.

  • The rake weighs in at less than 2 pounds and is as durable as it is lightweight.
  • The no-break co-polymer head and fiberglass handle make this rake almost impossible to destroy.
  • Because of the aggressive angle of the tines using the rake requires little or no down pressure.
  • You can stand straight up while using the rake.
  • With the pressure off your back you can now rake more with less effort!
  • Results from the field with landscaping professionals are showing a reduction in raking labor dollars by as much 33%!
  • No-break co-polymer head and swivel hanger.
  • Head Length: 21 in.
  • Number of Tines: 28.
  • Handle Length: 55 in.
  • What a great value - Pack of 2 rakes
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    The Groundskeeper II 21 in. Head Leaf Rake (Pack of 2)

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